FSD Detective Rescues Woman and her Dog from Pit Bull Attack

FSD Detective Rescues Woman and her Dog from Pit Bull Attack

Cara Emes thanks Det. Jeff Strickler (FSD)

FRESNO — Early on Wednesday morning Cara Emes was walking Gus, her little Spaniel mix.  Suddenly, a stray pit bull came upon them and began attacking Gus.

FCSD detective Jeff Stricker happened to be driving by near the intersections of N. Redda Road and E. Redlands Avenue.

Pitbull who attacked

He called in for help, and then proceeded to approach the attacking dog, grab it by the back of its neck and stop the attack.

Emes ran to a nearby home whose resident came out with a rope to assist Stricker on securing the pit bull.

Gus suffered serious injuries and required surgery and Emes suffered bites and scrapes on her hands.


The owner of the pit bull has not yet been identified and the dog is being held at an Animal Control facility.

The FSD “would like to emphasize the importance of securing your animals to avoid dangerous situations like this one. Prevent your dog from being able to roam free by checking your fence for openings where they can escape and use a leash if you are walking your dog,” and added, “It’s important to note that Detective Stricker served as a K-9 handler for seven years, so he has special training in how to approach animals who are in an attack mode.”



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