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Merced Police issue press release on dog attack investigation

Originally published 4-14-20 via Facebook by the Merced Police Department: “***Update 4/15/2020*** We would like to thank the public with their help in this case. The owner of the dogs


3-Year-Old Mauled by Family’s Pit Bull

NORTH EDWARDS – A census-designated place, North Edwards is located halfway between Bakersfield and Barstow, with a population of 1,000. On Wednesday afternoon while his mother was asleep at their


FSD Detective Rescues Woman and her Dog from Pit Bull Attack

Cara Emes thanks Det. Jeff Strickler (FSD) FRESNO — Early on Wednesday morning Cara Emes was walking Gus, her little Spaniel mix.  Suddenly, a stray pit bull came upon them

San Bernardino

Colton Man Acquitted in Nephew’s Pit Bull Mauling

SAN BERNARDINO – Jurors took less than one day to acquit a man accused of leaving his two-year-old nephew unattended when he was eventually attacked by five pit bulls. Marco


Calexico Police Officers Shoot Two Dogs While Serving a Warrant

CALEXICO –  On Wednesday, officers serving a warrant shot two dogs in Calexico following the arrest of a suspect reported to be carrying narcotics. Carlos Moreno Jr., 24 of Calexico


Arrested man’s dog attacked children

A Murietta man was arrested on Thursday after his 3-year-old Akita attacked a third child in four months. Robert Kahn, 62, was booked on suspicion of criminal negligence. On Saturday,

Headline Story Los Angeles

Dog attack death leads to marijuana grow arrest

LITTLEROCK—The May 9th fatal mauling of a 69-year-old Littlerock woman by a group of vicious dogs led Los Angeles Sheriffs Department deputies to a hidden marijuana grow—all in a town