Juvenile Arrested in Placer County for Making Bomb Threats

Juvenile Arrested in Placer County for Making Bomb Threats

Cook Riolo Road in West Roseville, near Creekview Ranch school

A Roseville woman started her morning with several calls from a teen who stated he was going to blow up her home and a nearby school. The school in question was Creekview Ranch, part of the Dry Creek School District.

The woman contacted the Placer County Sheriff’s office, as well as the school on Cook Riolo Road in West Roseville. The woman stated that the caller made reference to “September 11th’ and “jihad”.

According to the Placer County Sherriff’s Office, the incident took place on December 8th at about 8 a.m. Deputies were informed about the threatening calls and responded immediately. Students at the school were evacuated to the playground.

After a thorough search of the campus by Placer County Deputies, no bombs or other suspicious items were found.

Deputies were able to connect the phone number of the caller to a student who attended the school.

The boy was located and cooperated with the deputies. He stated he found the woman’s phone number on a piece of paper on the ground and called her as a prank.

He was arrested and taken to Placer County Juvenile Hall in Auburn. Charges include making a false report of a bomb, causing a disturbance on school grounds and making criminal threats.


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