Northridge Woman Arrested in Inglewood For Multiple Charges

Northridge Woman Arrested in Inglewood For Multiple Charges

INGLEWOOD, CA—She came all the way from the Valley one weekend to get arrested on a plethora of wide-ranging charges, and apparently drove there with no license plates.

Archannell Hasina Jeffries, 32, was arrested on Friday, February 6 at approximately 12:37 a.m. by Inglewood police officers along the 11300 block of South Lemoli Avenue. She was presumably stopped for having neither front nor rear license plates on the vehicle she was apparently driving (5200(A)VC), a violation which carries a pithy bail of $25. But police also charged her with acquiring identification with intent to defraud (530.5(E)PC), possession of a forged driver’s license (470BPC), receiving known stolen property (496(A)PC, possession of a controlled substance (11377(A)HS), possession of a device or instrument for use with a controlled substance (11364(A)HS) and the heftiest violation, a warrant from Manhattan Beach PD for grand theft: money (487(A)PC.

Bail for the new charges (including the no plates charge) totaled $100,275. Bail for the warrant—$130,000—more than doubled the grand total to $230,275.

Perhaps next time she has so much baggage, she should head somewhere other than the South Bay with a vehicle that is destined to be pulled over.

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