Hawthorne Woman Arrested for Multiple Driving Violations

Hawthorne Woman Arrested for Multiple Driving Violations

HAWTHORNE, CA—Sometimes the journey to jail is undertaken with a single act, and that single act parleys into six or seven significant driving violations.

Cynthia Rose Pimental, 48, was apprehended by Hawthorne police officers on Saturday, December 13 at approximately 4:30 p.m. She was picked up along the 11500 block of Cedar Avenue—just 500 feet from her residence at an apartment on the same street.

In that short distance, however, she may have managed to set a local record for moving violations: evading a police officer (2800.2(A)VC), possession of a controlled substance (11377(A)HS), a DUI stemming from alcohol and/or drugs (23152(A)VC), driving with a suspended license (14601.1AVC), possession of an open container of alcohol while driving (23222(A)VC), driving at unsafe speeds in the prevailing condition (22350VC) and driving on the left side of the road (21752(A)VC).

The unemployed Hawthorne resident’s total bail was set at $90440. The highest single amount was $75,000 for the evasion charge and the lowest was $35 each for the driving violations (unsafe speeds and left side).

Let’s Just hope that she doesn’t apply for a job at Uber when she gets out of jail.

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