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Protesting Vandal Taken Down by Stun Gun

Photo: Michael Garcia Lazo June 4, 2020 – Ventura County – With protest demonstrations springing up nationwide, individuals expressing their social outrage by vandalizing public property occasionally find themselves coming


Female Juvenile Arrested For Stealing and Crashing Private Plane

About 7:30AM on Wednesday December 18th, a 17-year old girl snuck into the General Aviation area of the Fresno Airport by climbing a fence. She then boarded a King Air

Celebrity News

Man sentenced to prison time after numerous harassment incidents against actress Jaime King

Photo: Floyd’s destructive work On April 4th of 2018, a man jumped onto actress Jaime King’s Mercedes-Benz and, with a skateboard, smashed the windshield. The man, identified as Paul Francis


Man Arrested for Vandalizing Newly Renovated Fulton Mall

Photo: Isaac Lizarraga Around 5:40 PM on December 18 Isaac Lizarraga of Fresno threw a brick through the front window of the establishment on 1401 North Fulton Mall and ran

San Luis Obispo

Cops Apprehend Vandal Without Incident

Daniel Pettigrew The San Luis Obispo Police department arrested a man last Wednesday for allegedly vandalizing a brick planter box. According to SLOPD, they received a call at approximately 8


Inmate Tries to Escape Bakersfield Jail, Crashes Van, is Captured

Lerdo Detention Center BAKERSFIELD — A 23-year-old Kern County Jail inmate is back in custody after trying a daring escape on Tuesday morning. Ramon Castro, who was already in custody