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San Joaquin

Stockton farm labor contractor arraigned on 15 felony counts in alleged $1.8 million workers’ compensation fraud scheme

Originally published as an SIU E-Blast –  “STOCKTON, Calif. – Alfredo Casas, 62, of Stockton, has been arraigned on 15 felony counts of insurance fraud, grand theft and tax evasion. Casas

Los Angeles

Lobbying and Campaign-Contribution Crimes Nets Arcadia Political Donor 12 Years in Prison

ARCADIA – The FBI Los Angeles has announced the February 18th sentencing of Imaad Shah Zuberi (50) of Arcadia, a venture capitalist and political fundraiser, who received 144 months in

Los Angeles

Eight Years for Conviction in Hotel Embezzlement of Over $625,000

Photo: Jamal Zoukari LOS ANGELES —  60-year-old Jamal Zoukari faces 8 years in prison for embezzling $625,975 from the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. Zoukari had pleaded no contest to five felony


Pot Cooperative Busted for Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Illegal Marijuana Sales

Robert Hoffman, Jeffrey Kroll and Willaim Macneil (l-r) Ventura County – California is among the national leaders in the movement toward the complete legalization of marijuana, but it is still a

San Mateo

Fire chief burned in connection to wife’s phony credit card scheme

Apparently Mark Ladas’ $216,062 annual salary wasn’t enough to cover his and his wife’s expenses. The 50-year-old chief of the Central County Fire Department, which serves Burlingame and Hillsborough, was