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Man chasing marijuana burglars gets shot, police arrest one

Growing limited amounts of marijuana for medical purposes may be legal in California now, but that doesn’t make it safe. Since recreational marijuana is still not legal, a grower is


Sonoma Standoff Ends Peacefully

Deputies Heard the Shots… SONOMA COUNTY—The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department arrested two men after a standoff that ending peacefully on the 100 block of Donna Drive of Santa Rosa.  Authorities


Arrest made in Santa Rosa shooting

A rivalry going back several years led to a shooting Saturday night and the arrest of a Santa Rosa gang member and his teenage girlfriend. At just before 10 pm


Gang battle leaves one hospitalized, and one arrested

SANTA ROSA – A neighborhood right next to Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Santa Rosa saw a violent gang confrontation Tuesday afternoon. Police were called to Milton Street, which


Violent evening reveals drug lab in home

SANTA ROSA – The sound of gunfire and car tires squealing raised the alert for residents in the Roseland neighborhood of Santa Rosa , prompting a call to the Sheriff’s office.