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Redding man back in custody after being caught on video

Dakota James Schargus seems to have a knack for getting arrested on drug charges, but he really has an aversion to showing up for court to face the music. Older

Placer Shasta

Car thief out of jail at it again

REDDING – A young man who has been in frequent trouble with the law was arrested once again after leading police on a chase and wrecking a stolen car, knocking


News year’s partying gets woman on Most Wanted list.

REDDING – It doesn’t take all that much to appear on the Shasta County Most Wanted Criminals list. Most of the suspects that get publicized are the result of an


Repeat offender takes motor home for bumpy ride

REDDING – Police announced the arrest of a burglary suspect, and are still looking for his female accomplice after they drove a motor home through a fence and ended up


Arrest of wanted young man

REDDING – Police have announced the arrest of one of their publicized “Most Wanted” suspects, 22-year-old Dylan Forest Meese of Redding. Meese appeared on the Most Wanted list a week


Honey Oil lab is a family affair

REDDING – Vistors at a the Howard Johnson Motel got a big surprise when one of the guest rooms blew up, and a woman with three small kids ran from


Couple arrested with drugs, stolen bike

REDDING – A 26-year-old Redding woman was arrested last Friday afternoon at the apartment she shares with 32-year Anthony Dennis Delacruz. Tamara Jenay Luedee and her partner, also known as


Tow truck driver and friends arrested

REDDING – One search warrant brought in three arrests, including the owner of a local towing service. Both weapons and drugs were recovered during the operation. Yesterday, Wednesday the 15th,