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Man Arrested for Burglaries, Drugs and Possession of a Grenade Launcher

Photo: Image of Marcus R. Palacios arrest | Oakley PD BRENTWOOD —Marcus R. Palacios, 49, of Oakland, was arrested for possession of a grenade launcher and illicit drugs. Palacios has


Porterville Police Crack Down on Methamphetamine Ring; Multiple Residents Arrested

Above: Seized drugs | Courtesy of PPD Originally Published By Porterville Police Department  “On February 1, 2024, at 12:43 P.M., detectives from the Porterville Police Department conducted a traffic stop


K9 Unit Detains Suspect with Drugs and Weapons

Photo: Image of K9 Jack | Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Originally Published By: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office “Last week, a K9 Handler, K9 Jack, and a North Patrol Deputy contacted


Felon Arrested with Gun and Drugs

Photo: Stock Image The La Jolla Canyon Trail running along U.S Highway 1 is among the more picturesque routes running through the California State Park on the coast of Camarillo.


Marin County Detectives Arrest a Suspected Drug Dealer from San Francisco

Photos: Stock Image SAN RAFAEL — Detectives with the Marin County Sheriff’s Office specialized investigation unit arrested a suspected drug dealer from San Francisco. A major drug trafficking investigation was


Caught Driving Around with Meth

Photo: Stock Photo If there were a book entitled “How to Drive While Dealing Drugs” on local library shelves, it may very well be gathering dust because it seems like


8,500 Fatal Overdoses Seized in Fentanyl Bust

Photo: Stock Image The Ventura County Sheriff’s Narcotics Street Team must be at work 24/7 as evidenced by the ongoing success of their enforcement efforts on an almost daily basis.


Five Arrests in Drug Overdose Case

Photo: Stock Image When someone suddenly falls unconscious in a public place and can’t be roused, a 911 Emergency call usually brings both emergency medical services and the cops to


Grand Theft arrest after Robbery

Photo: Evidence of stolen items | Elk Grove PD Story Originally Published By: Elk Grove PD “Santa, we have a few suggestions for your other list. Three suspects entered a


Suspect arrested for Stolen Gun and Drugs in Amador County

Photo: Image of drug evidence collected | Amador County Sheriff’s Office In the early morning hours of November 13, 2023, a routine patrol by a deputy in the vicinity of