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Three stabbed outside Costa Mesa nightclub, man and woman arrested

A man and a woman from Newport Beach have been arrested after three men were stabbed outside a Costa Mesa nightclub. Tremere Robert Mason and Nancy Ahmad Bakir, both 23,

San Bernardino

Two arrested in connection to murder of Phelan man

Originally published as a San Bernaardino County Sheriff’s Department Nixle post: “SUMMARY: On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, at approximately 5:20 p.m., deputies with the Victor Valley Station responded to the


Man charged with murder, woman charged as accessory in fatal North Sunrise Avenue shooting

Above: Andrew Aguiar (L) and Shirley Horton (R) | Roseville PD Roseville Police have announced the arrest of a suspect in connection to a recent fatal shooting off North Sunrise

San Bernardino

Rancho Cucamonga man and woman arrested in connection to murder of Corey Deshawn Cooper

The two suspects allegedly involved in the May 2021 shooting death of Corey Deshawn Cooper have been arrested. Anthony Spennato (40) and Beth Ullom (39), both residents of Rancho Cucamonga,

Santa Barbara

Bail Amounts in Millions for Killer and Accomplices

April 1, 2022 – Santa Barbara, Ca. It was just after 2:00 a.m. on Sunday March 20 th when Santa Barbara Police Department 911 dispatchers were alerted to the report

San Bernardino

Suspect Arrested for Murder, Two Others Arrested for Accessory

Photo: Jervon Winston 27-year-old Jervon Winston was reported missing on October 5, 2021. He was reortedly last seen on September 26. Detectives began an investigation and devloped more information that

Contra Costa

Detectives Serving a Search Warrant Find a Dead Man, Police Arrest 2 Suspects

Photo: Billy Cole arrested OAKLEY — Two persons were taken into custody after a dead man was found inside a residence. The victim’s corpse was discovered when Contra Costa County

San Bernardino

Investigators Arrest Kody McDufienunnery and Christine Proffitt for the Murder of 20-year-old Deven Dalton

Photo:  Devin Dalton, victim Originally published asd a San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Nixle post –  “SUMMARY: On January 13, 2022, deputies from the Victorville Police department responded to the 13700

Santa Barbara

Girlfriend Arrested as Accessory in Double Street Killings

Photo: Jasmine Ochoa January 10, 2022 – Santa Barbara, Ca. It was almost exactly a year ago, in the early evening of January 2, 2021 when multiple gunshots rang through

San Bernardino

3 suspects arrested after gunshots fired in Ontario

Three suspects were arrested in relation to gunshots fired in the city of Ontario, thanks to the help of the Ontario Police Department air unit. The shots were heard in