Arrested on “Rape by Impersonation” Charges

Arrested on “Rape by Impersonation” Charges
Photo: Image of suspect Sean Wilczak| All photos courtesy of Santa Barbara PD

A former bail bondsman is currently held without bail on charges of stalking and rape by impersonation. The charges stem from accusations by an ex-girlfriend, who claims that 30-year-old Santa Barbara resident Sean Wilczak manipulated her into having sex under false pretenses. 

According to Santa Barbara Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Ethan Ragsdale, Wilczak was arrested on June 22nd under a specific section of the California penal code “designed to address those who willfully deceive their victims.” 

The ex-girlfriend reported that Wilczak created a fake online dating profile to coerce her into a sexual encounter at an Airbnb, during which “she agreed to wear a blindfold during intercourse, believing she was with a stranger named ‘LuxMentor.’” After the physical encounter, Wilczak revealed his true identity to the victim in a phone call later that day. 

After reporting this crime, “the victim received numerous threatening calls” from a blocked number she believed to be Wilczak. He also allegedly made harassing calls to her friends. 

With that evidence in hand, on June 22nd SBPD detectives apprehended Wilczak at a downtown Santa Barbara restaurant. He was booked into County Jail, where he remains in custody on a no-bail hold “due to the severity of the allegations and other felony charges.” 

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