Kings County Man Allegedly Leads Deputies on High-Speed Pursuit in Stolen Vehicle

Kings County Man Allegedly Leads Deputies on High-Speed Pursuit in Stolen Vehicle
Above: Johnny Munoz
Photo credit: Kings County Sheriff’s Office

A man was recently arrested on multiple felony charges after allegedly leading deputies on a lengthy pursuit in Kings County.

According to a press release by the county Sheriff’s Office, the initial incident began just after 12:30 AM on Thursday, May 30, when a deputy allegedly saw a mortar go off near 18th and Idaho Avenues.

The deputy approached the area and reportedly saw a white Chrysler 300 pull out onto Idaho Avenue from a dirt road. Before the deputy could pull the vehicle over, the driver pulled over on their own. The deputy ran the plate and dsicovered the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Lindsey.

The driver then made a U-turn and fled the area. The deputy followed and a pursuit began, at times reaching over 120 miles per hour, the Sheriff’s Office said.

During the pursuit, the deputy requested the Kings County Air-1 unit to monitor the suspect driver from the air. The driver eventually evaded deputies on county dirt roads and orchards before Air-1 could respond.

As deputies set up a perimeter, a farmer in a crop duster aircraft reportedly phoned 9-1-1, said he was following the suspect, and offered to guide deputies to the suspect.

The farmer followed the suspect and relayed directions to the pursuing deputies as they followed the farmer’s plane. Air-1 arrived a short time later and took over the pursuit as it neared Tulare County, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The pursuit continued for about another hour through orchards, on country roads, and across canal banks. The vehicle eventually broke down near SR-43 and West Cecil Way in Tulare County.

From there, the driver fled on foot into a nearby orchard. A passenger who had been in the vehicle immediately surrendered and was detained.

The deputies and a K-9 unit made their way into the orchard, and the suspect — identified as Johnny Munoz, 35 — reportedly surrendered after deputies announced the K-9.

Deputies then searched the vehicle and reportedly confiscated ammunition and a mortar. Munoz, who is a convicted felon with a lengthy criminal history, was ultimately booked at the Kings County jail on multiple felony charges.

The passenger, whose name has not been disclosed, was interviewed and released, the Sheriff’s Office said.

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