Red Bluff Police Apprehend Suspect Following Hit-and-Run Collision

Red Bluff Police Apprehend Suspect Following Hit-and-Run Collision

On May 9th, 2024, a collision at the Red Bluff Inn located at 99 Main Street prompted multiple 911 calls to the Red Bluff Police Dispatch Center. Witnesses reported that the driver involved in the collision fled the scene on foot. Responding officers quickly located the suspect, identified as 25-year-old Ryker Kay of Hood River, Oregon, several blocks north of the incident.

Upon attempting to detain Kay, officers encountered significant resistance from him, resulting in physical altercations. In response to Kay’s resistance, law enforcement deployed K-9 unit “Max” to facilitate his apprehension. Despite the resistance, officers successfully placed Kay under arrest and transported him to a local hospital for treatment of injuries sustained during the collision and arrest process.

Additionally, a 75-year-old individual from the Red Bluff Inn was also transported to the hospital for minor injuries sustained from debris during the collision.

Further investigation revealed that Kay had been involved in a prior disturbance with a female victim in the parking lot of River Park. Following this altercation, Kay entered his vehicle and recklessly drove out of the parking lot, ultimately colliding with the Red Bluff Inn. This collision resulted in significant damage to two buildings and caused injuries to one person.

Kay faces multiple charges, including felony DUI with injury, felony hit and run with injury, felony resisting a peace officer, misdemeanor battery on a peace officer/medical personnel, and misdemeanor domestic battery.

The Red Bluff Police Department extends gratitude to various agencies for their swift response and assistance in managing the situation and ensuring public safety.

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