SWAT Raid in Lassen County Ends with Five Arrests

SWAT Raid in Lassen County Ends with Five Arrests

“During the early morning hours of May 8th 2024, Deputies from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office served a high-risk search warrant at a residence on Dillon Court in the City of Susanville. Due to the risk to public safety and complexity of the location, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team was deployed to serve the search warrant. The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office Drone Team was also deployed to assist.

Upon the arrival of the SWAT Team at the residence, Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) members utilized a Public Address System to call the occupants out of the residence. One suspect immediately exited the rear of the residence and fled the area on foot. The Drone Team was able to observe the fleeing suspect and direct perimeter units to the suspects location. The suspect was taken into custody by perimeter units. The suspect was identified as Drew Dixon, 37, of Susanville, Ca.

SWAT Team members were able to determine there were still several people inside the residence that were refusing to surrender. The CNT continued to use the Public Address System to order the remaining occupants out of the residence. A female subject exited the residence and was taken into custody without incident. The female subject was identified as Jenna Miles, 25, of Susanville, Ca.

The CNT members continued to utilize the Public Address System to negotiate a peaceful surrender of the remaining occupants to no avail.

SWAT Team members deployed a pepper-type gas into the residence in attempt to get the remaining occupants to surrender. The gas is designed to be an eye, nose and skin irritant. CNT members continued to direct the remaining occupants to exit the residence.

A few minutes later, 3 occupants surrendered and exited the residence. All 3 occupants were suffering from the effects of the gas and were subsequently taken into custody without further incident.

The 3 occupants were identified as Paula Dixon, 59, of Susanville, Ca. Donald Luna, 59, of Susanville, Ca, and Ameko Vaimasanuu Jr., 36, of Susanville, Ca.

A search of the residence yielded several illegal firearms, ammunition, and controlled substances. Several of the firearms seized were AR-15 and SKS-style assault rifles with high capacity magazines. A sawed-off shotgun was also seized.

All 5 individuals were placed under arrest and transported to the Lassen County Jail for the following charges:

Drew Dixon:
PC 29800 (a)(1) – Felon in possession of a firearm.
PC 30305(a)(1) – Felon in possession of ammunition.
PC 33215 – Possession of a short-barreled shotgun.
PC 30605(a) – Possession of an assault rifle.
PC 29180(c) – Own/possess a firearm without serial number.
PC 32310 (a) – Possession of large capacity magazine.
PC 22210 – Possession of a baton.
PC 148(a)(1) – Resisting Arrest.
H&S 11364(a) – Possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ameko Vaimasanuu Jr.:
PC 148(a)(1) – Resisting Arrest
H&S 11377(a) – Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Paula Dixon:
PC 148(a)(1) – Resisting Arrest.

Donald Luna:
PC 148(a)(1) – Resisting Arrest.

Jenna Miles: Felony Warrant for the following charges:
PC 487(d)(2) – Felony Grand Theft of a Firearm
PC 594(a) – Vandalism
PC 602.5(a) – Trespass
PC 1320(a)(b) – Failure to appear.

In November 2022, The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office applied for a Gun Violence Reduction Program (GVRP) grant from the California Department of Justice. The grant funds were approved and awarded to the Sheriff’s Office. The grant funds are being used to target prohibited persons that are in possession of firearms. This operation is a direct result of the grant funding, provided by the GVRP grant.”

Originally published by the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office
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