Shasta County Man Gets 37 Years to Life in Prison for Murder

Shasta County Man Gets 37 Years to Life in Prison for Murder
Originally published 8-24-23 via Facebook
by the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office:

“Late Wednesday afternoon, Devon Sutton-Wilson was sentenced to 37-years-to-LIFE in state prison for the 2017 murder of 19-year-old Joshua Ahlberg and robbery of 19-year-old Coleman Yount.

At the sentencing hearing, which lasted late into the afternoon, friends and family of the victims packed the courtroom, including Joshua Ahlberg’s parents, Anna and Matt Ahlberg, who shared a memorial presentation and personal statements expressing the profound sorrow they’ve experienced from the loss of their only child.

This case began on September 20, 2017, when Joshua Ahlberg and his roommate Coleman Yount were at the Valero gas station in Redding when they encountered Defendant Devin Sutton-Wilson and two others. Members of the group knew each other from high school, and they all agreed to return to Joshua Ahlberg’s residence to “hang out.” Once at the residence, Co-Defendant Isaiah Williams produced a firearm. Victim, Coleman Yount was tied up at gun point and beat with the gun. Victim Joshua Ahlberg was in his bedroom when he was shot in the head and killed. Jewelry, video games, and other personal items were taken from the residence. The co-defendant in this case, Isaiah Williams was sentenced on May 9, 2023, to LIFE in Prison.

This case was investigated by the Redding Police Department. The investigation was led by now retired Detective Rusty Bishop, prosecuted by Senior Deputy District Attorney Kelly Kafel. The victims and the surviving family members are being supported by Victim Advocate Deborah Heide.”

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