Baseball Bat Retaliatory Attack

Baseball Bat Retaliatory Attack
Photo: Three involved in assault (CBS12)

SHASTA – You can call this one a baseball bat retaliatory attack for their brother-in-law’s assault on their sister.

This incident occurred on June 11 before noon.  It was an “assault in progress” int he  14000 block of Lake Boulevard.

It seems 29-year-old Abdul Qasimi was on the wrong end of a baseball bat, administered by his brother-in-law.  Qasimi “had earlier assaulted his wife.” Then the two brothers arrived to administer a bit of Eastern justice.

41-year-old Ajmal Sadat and 32-year-old Rabmal Sadat sought to right the wrong their own way. Along with the bat, they used their hands and feet.

Abdul accused Rabmal of pointing a handgun at him during the attack. Deputies discovered a handgun in the bushes nearby, registered to Rabmal.

Deputies arrested Abdul for inflicting corporal injury on his spouse.

Rabaml’s charges are assault with a deadly weapon and committing a felony while armed.

Ajmal’s charge is assault with a deadly weapon.

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