Drag Queen Arrested for Attempted Bank Robbery in Downtown Berkeley

Drag Queen Arrested for Attempted Bank Robbery in Downtown Berkeley
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BERKELEY — A homeless drag queen was arrested for allegedly trying to rob a bank in downtown Berkeley. The suspect fled without any cash after being stood up by an uncooperative bank teller.

The suspect entered Chase Bank on Shattuck Avenue on the morning of May 17. There was confusion about the suspect who appeared to be a woman but later turned out to be a man dressed in drag.

A note was handed to a teller demanding cash. Not seeing any evidence of a weapon—the teller walked away leaving the suspect standing at the window. After waiting for a while, the suspect left the bank empty-handed. No injuries were reported.

This memorable suspect wore a long pink skirt, a stylish blue blouse, and black high-heeled shoes. Apparently after leaving the bank the suspect changed outfits—losing the skirt and blouse. The suspect later dressed more casually in denim shorts and a white brassiere.

Witnesses from the bank positively identified 35-year-old Brandon C. Lowder as the suspect. Only 5 feet 6 inches tall and 130 pounds, Lowder allegedly dressed in drag during the failed bank robbery.

Police found him near the intersection of Blake and Grant streets. He was arrested at 1:04 p.m. and transported to Alameda County Santa Rita Jail. He was booked for second-degree robbery, but jail records indicate he is no longer in custody.

Lowder has had prior contacts with police for incidents involving vandalism and disturbing the peace. He was arrested twice for arson in October 2022 and January 2023. One misdemeanor case is pending for a fire on the property of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

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