Mt. Shasta PD search for Missing Man

Mt. Shasta PD search for Missing Man
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“It has been 14 days since the disappearance of Davohnte Morgan on May 5th from Mt Shasta, CA. The department is requesting that all residents of Mt Shasta check their surveillance cameras for video of Davohnte between May 5th at 10:00 am, and May 7th at approximately 9:15 am. The posted video is of actual surveillance of Davohnte, after he was reported to have gone missing on 05/05. Davohnte is a 28-year-old, black male approximately 5’11”, with a thin build. He wears a thin goatee and walks with a slight limp.

On May 7th, at approximately 9:15 am, Davohnte’s girlfriend reported him missing to the police department. She stated they had gotten into an argument during the evening of May 4th, and that she had broken up with him. She said they still spent the night together at the Cold Creek Inn, and in the morning, she had gone alone to watch the sunrise. She was walking back to her room at just after 9:00 am, when she crossed paths with Davonte. She told us that he still appeared upset and they did not say anything to each other.

The department was able to obtain surveillance footage of Davohnte walking southbound on Mt Shasta Blvd shortly after 9am, corroborating the statement of the reporting party. We were able to track the movements of Davohnte on 10 surveillance cameras, at 6 different locations, between 9am -10am the morning of his disappearance. Cell phone records show that the last time his phone had been pinged, it was to a location in Oakland, CA on May 3rd, the day before he arrived in Mt Shasta. A second ping was done approximately a week later and confirmed that the phone had still not been turned on. The department also followed up on the use of a debit card believed to be in his possession, but the card was confirmed to not have been used since May 4th. Based on a not very credible tip, Siskiyou County Search and Rescue has assisted with an area search using a cadaver dog, but only located deceased wildlife.

There is great concern for Davohnte at this point in the investigation as he has had no confirmable contact or activity. Family is adamant that he would not have gone missing without contacting them. No family members have heard from Davohnte since his disappearance. The family has hired a private investigator and are now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his return.

The department has followed up on numerous area leads and have gone to nearby cities for possible sightings which have all turned out not to be Davohnte. If you have any information, please contact the department at (530)926-7540 Missing Persons Case Number 2005M-0110.”

Below is the surveillance video of Davohnte walking on Mt Shasta Blvd:

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