Siskiyou Sheriff comments on Cartels in Rural Communities

Siskiyou Sheriff comments on Cartels in Rural Communities
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In a recent statement, Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue shed light on how cartels have gained power in rural communities like Siskiyou County, and the impact of their illegal activities on the local environment and society.

According to the sheriff, cartels have infiltrated Siskiyou County through the illegal cultivation and distribution of marijuana. These criminal organizations have exploited the county’s vast and remote areas, which are ideal for large-scale marijuana cultivation, to grow their illegal crops.

However, this illegal industry has resulted in significant environmental destruction, including the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals that pollute the soil and waterways. Additionally, cartels often divert streams and divert water sources to irrigate their crops, resulting in drought and damage to local ecosystems.

Moreover, the illegal marijuana cultivation has also led to an increase in animal cruelty, as cartels use toxic chemicals and dangerous traps to protect their crops, putting local wildlife at risk.

The Sheriff also highlighted the rise of violent crime in Siskiyou County that is linked to the cartels’ activities. The illegal cultivation and distribution of marijuana have brought dangerous criminals to the area, resulting in an increase in homicides, assaults, and other violent crimes.

Sheriff LaRue emphasized the importance of cracking down on these illegal activities to protect the environment and the safety of local residents. He called for a multi-agency approach involving local and federal law enforcement agencies to combat these criminal organizations and prevent their further encroachment into rural communities like Siskiyou County.

See Video of Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue provided by CA Insider Youtube Page:

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