Family Attempts to Conceal Identity of Suspect in High Speed Pursuit

Family Attempts to Conceal Identity of Suspect in High Speed Pursuit
Photo: All photos courtesy of San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office
Originally Published By: San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office

“At around 7:30 p.m. back on December 16, 2022, Deputies from our Special Services Division (SSD) got into a pursuit with a vehicle that began in Lincoln Center and lasted about three miles, reaching speeds of at least 65mph on residential streets. The pursuit was terminated for safety reasons when the suspect drove back into Lincon Center at the height of the busy holiday shopping season.

Detectives were able to identify the registered owner of the vehicle, who was uncooperative with the investigation. As a result, search warrants were authored for his work, home, and vehicle. Controlled substances and an unregistered firearm were recovered from his residence. At that time, 59-year-old Randy San Nicolas of Stockton was issued a citation for possession of cocaine. The unregistered firearm was seized.

As the investigation continued, probable cause was established to believe that Randy and his wife lied to law enforcement in order to conceal the identity of the driver involved in the pursuit, who happened to be their grandson. Probable cause also exists to believe that, after being made aware of the pursuit, the San Nicolas’ filed a false police report claiming their license plate was stolen and removed distinct identifying marks from the vehicle in an attempt to claim someone else, in the same make, model, and color vehicle, was involved in the pursuit.

As a result of the investigation, arrest warrants were obtained for Randy, his wife (58-year-old Rosann San Nicolas), and their grandson, 19-year-old Joseph Terrones. Today, all three were taken into custody without incident. Per the warrant, the two San Nicolas’ will be booked for conspiracy, accessory after the fact, and filing a false police report. Terrones will be booked for felony evading.”

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