Smoke, Fire and Copper Wire

Smoke, Fire and Copper Wire
Photo: lots of stolen metal

STOCKTON – Although the call was for smoke, and maybe fire, law enforcement also discovered a lot of copper wire.

The scene was a home in the 3200 block of Highway 99. Responding officers “spotted sheathing and insulation from telephone wires in the driveway.”


more stolen wire

First, officers recognized the female at the residence as someone with a warrant out on her.  She was arrested for that.

In addition, they also arrested a man in the house.

It was what was in the backyard that especially got their attention.  The smoke, and fire, came from a burn pit. The duo were “melting the insulation off of copper wire.”


burn pit

Needless to say, the burn pit was “active.” Authorities also found “cut telephone wires that belonged to AT&T.”


The charge? Felony possession of stolen property. The arrestees? 37-year-old Brittany Lankford and 35-year-old Steven Stewart.



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