Weed PD Locates Card Skimmer at Local Gas Station

Weed PD Locates Card Skimmer at Local Gas Station
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“On 1/5/2023, the Weed Police Department was requested to respond to one of our local service stations. Upon arrival, the officer met with management and company maintenance personnel regarding a suspected credit card skimming device. The business became alerted to the device when an internal alarm was tripped the night before advising of a computer error within the fueling pump. Maintenance personnel arrived the next morning and discovered the internal device which would be unnoticed by a layperson. The device’s capabilities were confirmed after follow-up with staff from a reputable service station maintenance and construction company that services the entire west coast, based right here in Weed, CA.

Weed Police Department officers spoke with other fueling stations within the city to remind them to watch for suspicious activity. Only one device was located and it is believed the compromised pump was not used by any customers at this time.

As it was believed the device was caught early and with no reported victims, the Weed Police Department notified county allied agencies of the device so they may follow up with local businesses to be aware of the activity. Although not common, this incident was not the first activity of its kind within the county.

Please be aware that card skimming is not a new occurrence and that it occurs throughout the state and nation. The Weed Police Department would remind everyone to check accounts/statements for fraudulent activity regularly.”

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