Alameda High School Intruder Suspect Arrested

Alameda High School Intruder Suspect Arrested
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ALAMEDA — A strange man walked into Alameda High School where he touched one girl’s face, and asked another girl to kiss him. The man accused of committing this heinous act has been arrested and faces three misdemeanor charges.

The suspect Hoan Hong Truong (27), a resident of Alameda, has been incarcerated and released on multiple occasions. Truong now has three court cases pending against him, and one prior conviction for battery. He has been arrested 19 times since 2013.

The incident at the high school happened December 6th . A teacher noticed an adult stranger inside his classroom. This suspicious man approached one girl, reached out and touched her face. The teacher confronted him, and he left the classroom.

In the hallway, the same man approached two more girls and asked one girl to kiss him. The teacher followed the suspect as he left school grounds. The teacher contacted the Alameda Police Department and reported losing sight of him after crossing a bridge into Oakland.

Three days later, police saw a man matching the description of the suspect on the 1100 block of Park Street in Alameda. Truong was placed under arrest December 9th  at 3:37 p.m. He was booked at Santa Rita Jail. He is charged with misdemeanors for battery, child molestation, and carrying a razor blade on school grounds.

Truong also faces charges for an unrelated incident that occurred in May. In this case, he is charged with four misdemeanors for sexual battery, child molestation, engaging in lewd conduct, and battery. He also faces a charge for possession of an injection/ingestion device. In April, he was convicted for battery and sentenced to one-year of probation.

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