Large Narcotics Bust by Modesto PD Led Taskforce

Large Narcotics Bust by Modesto PD Led Taskforce
Photo:  Evidence seized during search warrants | Courtesy of Modesto PD

A large-scale investigation by the Modesto Police Department across Stanislaus, Tuolumne and San Joaquin Counties lead to a large narcotics bust on November 16th.

The investigation lasted several months and led to the breakdown of a major Drug Trafficking Organization. This Organization was responsible for a large portion of the drug traffic operations in these communities as well as the Bay Area.

A total of 9 search warrants were served during the investigation which led to the arrests of 14 individuals with related narcotics and firearm violations.  These arrests led to the seizure of 451 lbs of Methamphetamine, 160 gallons of liquid Methamphetamine, 11.5 lbs of Cocaine, 23 lbs of Heroine, 300 Fentanyl pills, 26lbs of Marijuana, over $155 grand in cash and 9 firearms.

Above: Evidence seized during search warrants | Modesto PD

The Modesto PD Major Crimes Unit led the investigation with the help of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. They were also assisted by the FBI, Merced Area Gang and Narcotic Enforcement Team (MAGNET), the DEA, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Air Support Unit, The San Joaquin County SWAT Team, and The Oakdale PD. Without the hard work of all agencies involved the operation would not have been successful.

Written By: Patrice Spears
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