Kings County Man Allegedly Leads Chaotic 100+ MPH Pursuit in Hummer

Kings County Man Allegedly Leads Chaotic 100+ MPH Pursuit in Hummer

A Kings County man was reportedly arrested after leading deputies on a chaotic, high-speed pursuit in a Hummer.

37-year-old Nicholas Newsum was identified as the man who led deputies on a high-speed chase, which had to be terminated and restarted multiple times out of concern for public safety, on the afternoon of Friday, October 28, according to a Sheriff’s Office press release.

A patrol deputy was traveling in the area of 18th and Kent Avenues when they noticed a speeding Hummer come up behind them and swerve at the last second, narrowly avoiding a collision. The deputy began pursuing the Hummer as it reportedly traveled in excess of 100 miles per hour, weaving in and out of traffic and failing to yield at stop signs, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Out of concern for public safety, the pursuit was temporarily called off as it drew closer to the city of Lemoore, but reengaged a short time later in the area of Highway 198 and 13th Avenue.

At one point, Newsum reportedly flipped off the pursuing deputy.

Newsum eventually collided with a semi-truck and briefly spun out, but regained control of the vehicle and continued on westbound 198. The pursuit was terminated a second time due to Newsum’s erratic driving; during this time, an aerial unit monitored Newsum as he allegedly passed several vehicles on the shoulder and ran multiple cars off the road, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The aerial unit continued to track Newsum as he went through Visalia, Tulare, and then came close to Porterville, where he reportedly stopped at a fruit stand. Deputies elected to continue monitoring his whereabouts instead of engaging in another pursuit just yet.

Newsum then reportedly stopped for fuel in Delano, at which point deputies tried to move in for an arrest. Newsum managed to escape just in time and the pursuit resumed, with Kern County deputies and CHP officers joining in. The pursuit was again paused for a short time until traffic thinned out.

Near Highway 199 and CA-166, law enforcement managed to disable the Hummer with the use of spike strips. After a short standoff, Newsum was arrested. He was reportedly combative through his arrest, allegedly attempting to kick out the plexiglass windows of the patrol car and refusing field sobriety tests. He later tested positive for marijuana in a urine test, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Newsum was taken back to Kings County and booked into jail on suspicion of reckless driving, evading a peace officer with wanton disregard for public safety, hit-and-run, and assault with a deadly weapon. His bail was set at $105,000.

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