Corning PD Makes Arrest for 440lbs of Illegal Marijuana

Corning PD Makes Arrest for 440lbs of Illegal Marijuana
Photo: Evidence seized during search warrants | Courtesy of Corning PD
Originally Published By: Corning Police Department Facebook Page

“On 10/06/22 around 0828 hours, a Corning Police Department Animal Control Officer was conducting official business in the area of 1931 McKinley Avenue. The Officer detected a strong odor of marijuana and located two marijuana plants growing in the back yard of the residence. Corning Municipal codes do not allow any outdoor growing or cultivation of marijuana within the city limits. The Animal Control Officer notified his immediate supervisor who arrived on scene a short time later. The supervisor along with other officers could smell a strong odor of marijuana emanating from a second smaller residence located on the property.

Upon further investigation, the officers observed all the windows of the second residence were blacked out and a ventilation system was protruding from one of the windows, which was the source of the strong odor of marijuana. The residence of the property were not home at the time of discovery.

A warrant was obtained to search both residences.

Officers eventually located 440 pounds of processed marijuana inside the second residence. Inside the second residence, officer located evidence that small children were in the residence where the marijuana was being processed.

The marijuana seized has a street value of $260,000.

The residence of the property has not been located and has yet contacted the Corning Police Department regarding the incident.

Criminal charges will be filed against Miguel Angel Arias Ledsma.”

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