New developments in November for CPD

New developments in November for CPD

The Corning Police Department’s recent press release reveals some news –

“Load-Bearing Vests, Campaign Hats and No-Shave November…Oh my! You might see our Officers looking a little different while patrolling around town.

Corning PD Officers now have the option of wearing Load-Bearing vests.

The vests are worn over their uniform shirt and will help alleviate hip and lower back issues that Law Enforcement Officers are prone to have.

Campaign Hats can now be worn as an alternative to Ball Caps to help protect them from the elements.

And lastly, several of our Officers are participating in No-Shave November and have each pledged money to a local charitable organization.

Some are growing beards, and some are perfecting their current ‘staches!

We hope you are having a great weekend, Corning, and we look forward to seeing our community out enjoying this beautiful weather.”

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