Purse Snatcher Arrested

Purse Snatcher Arrested
Photo: Scene of Arrest
Originally Published By: Santa Cruz Police Department Facebook Page:

“Yesterday afternoon, SCPD responded to a call from a woman in her eighties who just had her purse stolen by a man. The brave victim provided officers with an accurate description and pointed out the suspect’s escape route toward the levee. With that, SCPD officers were off and running.

Officers quickly located the suspect hiding behind a business on the West Levee. The male suspect was seated and rummaging through the purse when he looked up and saw an approaching officer. The subject immediately fled. A short foot pursuit ensued, and Officer Carli ran faster to apprehend the purse snatcher. The suspect, Perry Cosson, dropped stolen cash on the ground when detained.

SCPD arrested and transported Perry Cosson, a 27-year-old transient, to the Santa Cruz County Jail for grand theft and resisting arrest.”

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