Bogus dog trainer conned dog owners

Bogus dog trainer conned dog owners
Photo: Antoine Deshaun Moore

Originally published as a Placer County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 

“Over the past month, Placer County Sheriff’s detectives have investigated Auburn K9 on Industrial Avenue, after several victims reported their dogs were neglected and abused instead of receiving training.

Auburn K9 claims to be a dog boarding and dog training facility; through the investigation, detectives have learned the co-owners are not licensed or permitted to run the business. So far, detectives have gathered information showing the neglect and abuse of the dogs has been happening since at least November 2021.

The current owner, Antoine Deshaun Moore, has led dog owners to believe he provides obedience training, in addition to other types of training, at the facility on Industrial Ave. Instead, the dogs have been spending time in his unventilated garage in Nevada County in crates that have also doubled as potty areas.

The investigation also revealed Nevada County Animal Control officers have been to Moore’s property at least ten times since December 2021. Also in December, animal control officers seized most of Moore’s dogs, citing deplorable living conditions. Moore was arrested by Placer County Sheriff’s detectives on April 30th for felony theft by false pretenses and posted bail on May 3rd. Moore is due back in Roseville Superior Court on June 27th.

We sat down with several victims of Moore who described their harrowing experiences and the trauma their dogs endured while in Moore’s temporary custody. One victim is still searching for her dog who went missing while in Moore’s possession. Watch our story to learn more about the investigation.”



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  1. Sue
    Sue 20 May, 2022, 10:32

    He is the tip of the iceberg. Abuse, torture, and killing of dogs is rampant in not only dog “training” schools (many of those run by ex-military/paramilitary officers, but in K9 units in particular, and service dog training in general.

    But as much as I have tried to shine the spotlight on this over several decades now, the media appears to help cover it up, and, like the police, will write these off as “one bad apple,” or “bogus” when the whole barrel is rotten.

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