Serial burglar arrested after chase through neighborhood

ROCKLIN – Rocklin police have announced the arrest of Matthew Christopher Gonzales, a 25-year-old Rocklin resident, on suspicion of at least three burglaries.

Matthew Gonzales was arrested after being chased several blocks

Gonzales’ misfortunes began when he had broken into a home Tuesday on Deer Run Court. A man noticed a side garage door was open, and heard noises coming from inside, when he knew the residents were not at home. According to a Rocklin PD press release, the neighbors called in the possible burglary, and when police arrived, the man’s daughter told them her father had confronted the man, described as a white male, when he emerged from the home. The resident then chased the suspected burglar on foot all the way across Park Drive and Sunset Blvd., to Sammy Way, at least four blocks away and through a shopping center. The female witness also told police she believed the burglar was armed with a handgun.

Police then proceeded to Sammy Way, and were told that the burglar had jumped a fence to avoid capture. Searching the area, officers noticed an apartment with an open sliding glass door. They advised the apartment resident of the search, and were told the suspect had asked to use the telephone and was let in.

Alert neighbors on this Rockin street led to the arrest of an armed burglar and recovery of stolen property

Police detained Gonzalez at that time, and found he matched the witnesses’ description. He had in his possession a ring on his finger and a large knife in his waistband that had both been stolen from the Deer Run home. Further investigation tied him to a burglary committed that Monday, the 18th, at a home on Onyx Drive. The suspected handgun was also found, dropped in some bushes during the chase from Deer Run to Sammy Way. The weapon is a .32 caliber pistol, which was later tied to a third burglary.

Gonzales was arrested and booked into Placer county jail on two counts of burglary, two counts of possession of stolen property, and possession of a concealed dagger. His bail was expected to be $150,000.00.

Rocklin Police Chief Ron Lawrence said “Burglaries are one of the more common crimes in Rocklin. While we enjoy a very low crime-rate, it is imperative that Rocklin residents and business owners work with their police department and with each other to help identify suspicious persons and activities. I commend the quick actions and 9-1-1 call by witnesses in this case, who helped us capture an armed and serious felon.”

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