K-9s Rogue and Gnash visit Modoc High School

K-9s Rogue and Gnash visit Modoc High School
Photo: school is in session
Originally published as a Modoc County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 

“Sgt Benson and Deputy Whisler brought K9’s Rogue and Gnash to demonstrate and talk to students at Modoc High this week!

Did you know that we teach a Public Safety elective class at Modoc High School? Deputy Vonrader and Deputy OES Director Heather Hadwick started this program last year.

The class is offered for kids with an interest in public safety and they get to learn the basics of LE and we invite speakers and demonstrations from all over the North state to tell the students about their jobs – exposing them to LE jobs that they may not know are options.

This year we are kicking it up a notch and the kids are being trained for Search & Rescue and will be able to assist us on incidents! This program has already proven successful as we hired two students right after graduation in Corrections and Dispatch last year and have had multiple extra help employees from the school. ⭐️Connecting with our Modoc youth, exposing them to real world jobs and showing them the path to get there! ⭐️


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