Pair arrested for selling Fentanyl and guns

Pair arrested for selling  Fentanyl and guns
Photo: result of this search warrant
Originally published  as a Grass Valley Police Department Facebook post – 

“Early this morning (Tuesday, Nov 2), Grass Valley Detectives, with the assistance of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, served a search warrant in the 16000 block of Round Valley Circle. The case involved known felons that were suspected of selling Fentanyl and other drugs. They had also been conducting robberies and burglaries throughout the local area. Detectives believed they would likely be armed.

The warrant was served successfully and 2 individuals were arrested. Although they were both convicted felons that are prohibited from possessing firearms, they were both armed with handguns at the time of arrest. Fortunately detectives were able to take them into custody without incident.
Fentanyl, meth, heroin, psychedelic mushrooms, prescription narcotics, numerous firearms, and other stolen items were recovered. Recovered items have been linked to at least 2 local burglaries at this point.

The 2 individuals arrested were:

Scott Brett Frazer – 28 years old

Allen Bruce Pollock – 34 years old”


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