Intoxicated Driver Arrested following a Collision with 2 Bicyclists

Intoxicated Driver Arrested following a Collision with 2 Bicyclists

SAUSALITO — A driver who appeared intoxicated was arrested, following a collision that injured two bicyclists. This accident occurred on Halloween night shortly after 6:30 p.m.

Officers responded to the accident on Bridgeway, where the driver and two victims were located. The collision took place near the intersection of Bridgeway and Nevada Street.

The driver apparently struck the cyclists from behind as they were riding northbound on Nevada Street. Both cyclists were thrown off their bikes and they landed on the pavement.

Both victims sustained injuries. One of the cyclists was transported to a hospital for medical treatment. The second cyclist suffered minor injuries and was provided medical treatment at the scene.

The driver was identified as a resident of Sausalito, 51-year-old Jeffrey C. Gills. He evidently failed a sobriety test. Gills was subsequently arrested and booked at Marin County Jail, but he is no longer being held in custody.

Officers searched Gills’ vehicle and located a controlled substance and an illegal weapon. The substance was handled and recovered as evidence, carefully because it was believed to be fentanyl.

Before Gills was hauled away from the scene, officers also found a wooden billy club inside his vehicle. The club was also seized from him.

Gills was booked on four charges –

 Possession of a narcotic controlled substance
 DUI alcohol/drugs
 DUI alcohol/drugs with bodily injury
 Manufacture/import/sale of a billy club/blackjack/sandbag/etc.

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