Curbed – Red-Zone Parking Leads to the Arrest of an Armed, Convicted Felon

Curbed – Red-Zone Parking Leads to the Arrest of an Armed, Convicted Felon

Photo: confiscted gun in this incident

POMONA – An armed, convicted felon was curbed recently by the Pomona Police Department’s Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF), while spotted spending time in a prohibited zone at 10:43 PM on 10/01/2021. Comprised of two supervisors, four officers and two additional officers from the California Highway Patrol’s Baldwin Park Office – MCTF is a specialized unit within the police department that is responsible for suppressing gang violence, investigating drug offenses and pursuing wanted persons.

The late Friday-night vehicle dalliance in a red zone on 1800 W. Orange Grove Ave. – smack in the middle of their patrol area known to have a reputation for criminal activity – drew the team’s closer attention. The white pick-up truck that was parked in the red zone of the community neighborhood seemed unoccupied.

MCTF approached the violation for a closer look, and located a sole occupant inside. The unit’s Officers recognized the individual – Freddy Paul Monroy – a previously-convicted felon.

The community parking violation gave way to having the occupant exit the truck for a conversation. With the permission of the 47-year-old Pomona resident – Officers patted him down.

Subsequently, Monroy’s pat-down revealed that the convicted felon not only possessed, but was armed with a loaded and unregistered firearm. MCTF recovered the firearm and arrested the armed-and- dangerous suspect for illegally-possessing the handgun.

As a result, Monroy was taken into custody and transported to the Pomona city jail where he was booked on charges of:
29800 (a)(1) PC – Felon in Possession of a Firearm
25850 (C)(6) PC – Possession of an Unregistered Firearm
30305 (a)(1) PC – Felon in Possession of Ammunition

Anyone with information regarding this felonious suspect’s arrest-incident is urged to contact the Pomona Police Department at (909)620-2085.

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