Marijuana sales, bar fights, ex-boyfriend drama and more

Marijuana sales, bar fights, ex-boyfriend drama and more
Photo: guns invoilved in these stories

Originally published as a Vacaville Police Department Facebook post – 

“On the afternoon of Friday, August 27th, an officer stopped a black Mercedes SUV near Alamo Dr. and Whitehall Wy. The driver, Shaun Cole Jr. (29, Richmond) stated he owned a marijuana distribution business and had been completing deliveries in our city. Officers learned he had an expired driver license and developed additional probable cause to search the inside of the vehicle.

Mr. Cole complied with the officer’s commands and was safely removed from the vehicle. Officers located a large amount of individually packaged marijuana, over $24,000 in cash, and a loaded, unregistered, Glock 48 handgun. Mr. Cole Jr. is currently prohibited from being in possession of a firearm and was transported to the Solano County jail on various firearms and narcotics charges.

Early the next morning, (Aug. 28th) officers heard multiple gunshots coming from the downtown area. They learned about a disturbance at one of the local bars that had spilled out onto the street and in front of a secondary business, where an officer located Emani Bolton (26, Suisun) standing near a car with an open trunk. The alert officer scanned the inside of the car and saw a gun in plain view.

Mr. Bolton complied with officer’s commands and was safely detained. The gun, a Sig Sauer P226, was found to only have a few bullets left, and expended casings were located nearby. Mr. Bolton eventually admitted firing his gun into the air (in the direction of nearby residential homes) to break up an altercation. He was arrested and booked into the Solano County jail on v firearms-related charges.

The next afternoon (Aug. 29th) an officer was watching for speeders on Alamo Dr. between Buck Ave. and the freeway when she stopped Caleb Halcomb Jr. She discovered he was unlicensed and currently on Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS) and Federal Probation due to prior criminal cases.

Though clearly nervous, Mr. Halcomb Jr. complied with the officer’s commands and was safely detained. Officers located a Glock 26 handgun in the glove box, and Mr. Halcomb Jr. was booked into the Solano County Jail on various felony charges.

Late Friday, September 3rd, dispatchers received a call from a person who stated their ex-boyfriend, Michael Minor (37, Vacaville) had just brandished a handgun at them on I-80. The caller gave a description of Mr. Minor’s car and where it was last seen. Shortly thereafter, officers located the car in the downtown area where it was seen committing multiple vehicle code violations.

Mr. Minor initially pulled over, but repeatedly refused to comply with the officer’s commands to exit his vehicle. Based upon the potential danger to those nearby, a distractionary device and specialized tool to insert chemical agent into the vehicle were utilized. Mr. Minor then elected to comply with the officers’ commands and was safely detained. A loaded, unregistered Tristar-Canik 55 firearm was found under the driver’s seat. Mr. Minor was booked into the Solano County Jail on charges related to resisting arrest and the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Two days later (Sept. 3rd) an officer noticed Jamal Farr (39, Richmond) acting suspiciously at the Arco AM/PM on Orange Dr. Research showed Mr. Farr had a suspended driver license and was on felony probation through Contra Costa County from a prior firearms case. As the officer returned to contact Mr. Farr, he was seen entering I-505, so the officer attempted to stop the vehicle. Mr. Farr, who was alone in the vehicle, continued to drive for about a mile before finally pulling over, and then was initially hesitant to comply with the officer’s commands.

Eventually, he did comply and was detained. During a probation search of the vehicle, officers found a firearm on the floorboard area. It had an unserialized Polymer 80 lower, a non-registered Glock 22 upper receiver and a loaded high-capacity magazine. Mr. Farr was booked into the Solano County Jail on numerous firearms charges.

Just after 1am on Thursday (Sept. 9th) morning an officer stopped a vehicle seen driving around with no headlights on. The driver, Dshaun Goodwinfeathers (34, Fairfield) was found to be wanted by Fairfield PD for a recent incident involving a firearm. Mr. Goodwinfeathers complied with the officer’s commands and was safely detained. A loaded Glock 27 was found in the center console and was found to have been reported stolen out of Ohio.

Mr. Goodwinfeathers is also prohibited from possessing a firearm due to prior criminal history. He was charged with various firearms-related offenses, and was transported to the Solano County Jail by Fairfield PD for charges relating to their incident.

Just after 1pm on Friday, September 17th, dispatch received a call that a man was walking around near Allison Dr. and Ulatis Dr. while waving a gun around. Officers responded to the area and found another person who said the same man had also and pointed the gun at him while only a few yards away, before running off towards a nearby apartment complex.

Officers began combing the area for leads, and developed information leading to William Martin (45, Oroville) being the likely culprit. Officers continued to circulate and found him in the area almost 2 hours later. Officers could see the handle of a firearm protruding from his pants and provided verbal commands. Mr. Martin complied with the commands and was taken into custody. The gun was found be a loaded, unregistered Springfield XD. Mr. Martin was booked into the Solano County Jail on firearms charges.

Officers just never just never know what’s inside someone’s car, and is why we often give specific commands to others. Compliance matters, and we will continue to do what we can to keep our community safe.”



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