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Originally published as a Riverside Police Department Facebook post – 

“The Riverside Police Department’s Sexual Assault – Child Abuse (SACA) Unit would like our community to be aware of recent criminal activities by Charles Lee McKay, a registered sex offender with an extensive history of peeking into the windows of inhabited residences in Riverside.

McKay, a 54-year-old Black male adult, is currently transient and usually stays in the neighborhoods near Monroe Street, between Victoria Avenue and Arlington Avenue. He is a registered sex offender because of three prior convictions of indecent exposure dating back to 1995.

Although McKay’s criminal history includes instances where he has entered the apartment or house he was peeping, the majority of his arrests have been for peeking into an inhabited building while loitering on private property. Moreover, due to current statutes, McKay’s sex offender registration information is not required to be on the Megan’s Law website.

Since March of this year, McKay has been arrested three times for peeping in a senior residential community along the 4200 block of Monroe Street, and once in a condominium complex in the 200 block of E. Alessandro Boulevard. In fact, he went back and peeped into one of the victim’s windows along Monroe Street a second time after being arrested.

Under 647(i) of the California Penal Code, this crime of peeking into an inhabited building while loitering on private property is a misdemeanor punishable up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. Currently, there are no enhancement laws that make multiple convictions of this crime a felony.

Detectives have issued McKay a “Notice to Appear” citation for these recent arrests, but he is not wanted at this time for other crimes or failing to register as a sex offender. SACA Detectives believe there may be additional victims of peeping who have not yet come forward.

If you have seen Charles McKay, or someone with a similar description peeking into your windows, you are asked to report it to our Public Safety Communications Center at (951) 354-2007.”



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