Two arrested at 4:00 am with drugs, guns

Two arrested at 4:00 am with drugs, guns
Photo: two confiscated guns

During the night on May 20, around 4:00 am, a deputy with the MCSO conducted a traffic stop on Highway 20 near Road 144.

The pickup truck’s driver and passenger were also driving with a plainly seen clear box containing a meth pipe.

Passenger Rogelio Avalos was asked to exit the truck but did not. Instead, he began to reach towards the center console.

The deputy held Avelos’ arm, but the suspect resisted and tried to free himself from the deputy’s grasp after exiting.

A pat search revealed a handgun magazine on Avalos’ pants pocket.

Another deputy arrived to assist, and they spotted another gun on the floorboard.

Driver Juan Granados, for his part, did cooperate with the deputies and exited the vehicle and was detained in a patrol car.

Turns out the .45 semi-automatic gun was loaded, “with a live round located in the chamber and the hammer cocked, ready to be fired.”

Another gun, a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic, was found uder the driver’s seat. Neither gun was legally registered and neither suspect possess a valid conceal carry permit.

Granados also had a contrpolled substance inhis possession. Avalos had discarded his ciontrolled substance in the pastrol car where he sat.

The pair were arrested and booked for carrying a loaded firearm, a concealed firearm, possession of a controlled substance, possession oif a controlled substance while armed with a handgun, and Avalos also had a resisting arrest charge.

Avalos posted a $25,000 bail and was released.

“Granados was released on zero bail after the booking process in accordance with the COVID-19 bail schedule set forth by the State of California Judicial Council.”

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