Dagger, brass knuckles and replica firearms

Dagger, brass knuckles and replica firearms
Photo: what was confiscated
Originally  published as a Placer County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 
“Here is a prime example of how quickly a situation can escalate for deputies during a traffic stop, and why it is not a good idea to carry realistic looking firearms in your vehicle:
On May 3rd at 1:39 a.m., a Placer County Sheriff’s deputy on patrol in North Auburn witnessed a vehicle with an equipment violation stop on the shoulder of Highway 49. The deputy approached the vehicle and went to make contact with the driver, who then reached down and pushed the butt of a gun into the space between his seat and the center console.
The deputy immediately ordered the driver and his passenger to put their hands in plain view while he called for other deputies to assist. Both suspects were detained and searched for additional weapons when additional deputies arrived to help.
Deputies found a dagger on the passenger’s right hip in addition to a second fixed-blade knife that had brass knuckles attached. A search of the driver’s vehicle revealed brass knuckles in the second console and three replica firearms which were determined to be BB guns.
One of the BB guns, resembling a revolver pistol, was located on the floorboard of the passenger’s seat within easy reach. We’ve said it before – it is nearly impossible for our deputies to discern between a BB gun and a real gun unless they take a moment to examine it, and by then, it could be too late.
Please educate your loved ones and children about the dangers of possessing a BB gun while out in public; while it is not illegal to possess a BB gun (as long as you’re 18 and above, or under 18 with parental permission), having one comes with potentials risks and dangers that should be taken seriously.
The driver, 22-year old Justin Digiacomo and his passenger, 25-year old Alexandra Furness, were arrested for possession of a dagger and possession of metal knuckles.”
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