Woodland Man Convicted of Manslaughter for 2019 Killing of Family Friend

Woodland Man Convicted of Manslaughter for 2019 Killing of Family Friend
Photo: Anthony “Shrimp” Bosser

Originally published as a Yolo County District Attorney press release – 

On April 21, 2021, the Honorable Judge Timothy Fall sentenced 32-year-old Woodland man Stefon Ceaser to 17 years in state prison after Cesar entered a plea to manslaughter for the 2019 killing of then 23-year-old Anthony “Shrimp” Bosser. Ceaser also admitted to a prior strike and a habitual criminal enhancement resulting from domestic violence charges out of Sacramento County in 2013. Ceaser was a longtime friend of the Bosser family prior to the killing.

On March 15, 2019, Woodland Police Department responded to a report of shots being fired outside a residence located near the intersection of West Street and West Beamer Street. Officers arrived and observed Bosser laying on his back and suffering from what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds. Bosser was transported to the UC Davis Med Center where he later died. At the crime scene, investigators located a folding knife in an open and locked position underneath Bosser’s body.

After a thorough investigation, grand jury proceeding, and a preliminary hearing, it was determined that earlier in the day Ceaser was spending the day drinking and using cocaine with a female friend who had previously dated one of Bosser’s uncles.

Later that evening, Bosser and his uncle arrived at the residence on West Street and confronted Ceaser and the uncle’s former girlfriend. Both Bosser and his uncle appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Bosser and Ceaser soon fought inside of the residence, eventually prompting Ceaser to flee the home in Bosser’s truck. Approximately 15 minutes later, Ceaser returned with both Bosser’s truck and a gun. Ceaser immediately fired upon Bosser before walking away from the scene.

During the sentencing, members of Bosser’s family spoke. They expressed grief, sorrow, and described the void that has been created as a result of the killing. Still, they took the opportunity to address Ceaser’s family, acknowledging the pain that the lengthy prison sentence will inflict on them as well.

One Bosser family member emphasized that their family would hold no grudges and hoped to one day be able to forgive Ceaser for taking their loved one from them. The family gave their impassioned statements on the same day that the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office held its annual “Crime Victim Survivors’ Tribute.”

Commenting on the family’s statements District Attorney Jeff Reisig said “I commend the Bosser family. After meeting and talking extensively to the family of Mr. Bosser, they agreed this resolution would give their family the best opportunity to move forward and heal. The Bosser family should be applauded for the humility and dignity they demonstrated in their statements to the court and Mr. Ceaser’s family. Showing respect to the family of the man who stole their child on the day of his sentencing is no small task”.



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