Outsider throws drugs and tobacco over jail fence

Outsider throws drugs and tobacco over jail fence
Photo: Eric Ypon
“No, the Easter Bunny did not make a trip to the San Joaquin County Jail, nor did he deliver a unique ‘drop’ to the Honor Farm Facility.
Yesterday our Honor Farm Officers witnessed an illegal act of contraband thrown over the Honor Farm 124 Housing Unit fence. The unknown person quickly got out of a vehicle, made the throw into the yard, and took off.
Not sure what the items were, the Officers searched the area and, due to the tall grass, they were unable to locate anything. Having no luck with their search, Custody K9 Sage was brought in for her assistance. K9 Sage, trained and certified to detect several illegal drugs, hopped into action and detected the goods.
Once the items were located, they were removed from the area, and the packages were opened. Upon opening the package, there were 28.4 grams of a green leafy substance and 4.4 grams of tobacco.
Also located in the packages were a blue lighter and two AA batteries.
After an extensive investigation, it was found that the drugs were meant for Inmate Eric Ypon, at the time, an Honor Farm resident. Eric Ypon is no longer a resident of the Honor Farm and resides at the main jail pending a felony charge PC 4573.6(a) possess a controlled substance in jail.
Please note the gift-giver is unknown at this time. We will be on the lookout for other gift-givers. If a gift-giver is caught, they too will become a resident at the San Joaquin County Jail.”
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