Free ticket into jail….

Free ticket into jail….
The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office arrested three inmates whose plans of acquiring drugs and paraphernalia fell through –
“On September 3, 2020, three separate inmates decided not to listen to the voice of reason and arranged to have illegal drugs and paraphernalia dropped off at our facility grounds.
Unluckily for Jack, Jake, and Joshua, our hard-working officers were doing their job and located the illegal drug drop before it was able to get into the hands of the inmates.
Jack Leonard Fields, 21, currently serving time for domestic violence charges, will also be facing conspiracy charges.
Jake Anthony Lovdal, 26, currently serving time for being in possession of a controlled substance, having a controlled substance for sale, and gun charges will also be facing conspiracy charges.
Joshua Allen Conboy, 27, currently serving time for being a felon in possession of a firearm is also facing conspiracy charges.
The two good Samaritans that dropped off the drugs are also enjoying the provisions put forth by our facility now, as they earned a free trip to jail.
Yesterday, after an extensive investigation and with the help of the Galt Police Department, our AGNET Team took into custody Thomas Keller and Adam Greenmyer. They are both looking at several felony charges to include, assist in bringing controlled substance into prison/jail and conspiracy to commit crime.
San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping our facilities and those in them, safe, secure, and free of illegal drugs.”
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