Couple nabbed for counerfeiting scheme

Couple nabbed for counerfeiting scheme
Photo: Joel Luna and Staci Faletti
Originally published as an El Dorado County Sheriff’s Ofice Facebook post – 
“On 02-28-2021 deputies responded to the Quality Inn in Cameron Park when the staff located evidence of counterfeiting in a vacated hotel room.
Deputies contacted the prior occupants of the room and located a counterfeited bill in their vehicle.
A search of the vehicle yielded a large quantity of counterfeit bills, printer, paper money stock and handwritten credit card numbers.
Joel Luna, 45 years, and Staci Faletti, 45 years, were arrested for Forgery, Conspiracy, and Possession of a Forged Item with intent to distribute.
Faletti and Luna were later released from custody on bail.”
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