Man arrested after numerous prank calls to 911

Man arrested after numerous prank calls to 911
Photo: Heath Brazil

On Wednesday February 17th the Hanford Police Department Dispatch Center began receiving calls from the same individual.

Heath Brazil said he was at his residence and asked if he was speaking to the “real” 911. He then asked to be transferred to the Kings County Sheriff’s Office.

Then Heath said that he had no emergency and that he “just wanted to be left alone.” He also said that his call was a prank.

Then, on the phone with Dispatch, Heath asked for a specific deputy by name and for that deputy to come to his house. However, he did not give his name or address. Before hanging up, Heath declared he was no longer using drugs.

But Heath called Dispatch again to say he was sorry for wasting their time. Then he called 911 and was routed to the PD, where he claimed that a deputy was assaulting him at the deputy’s residence in Tulare County. Said deputy was working in Hanford at the time.

The craziness continued as Heath called 911 multiple times, identifying himself as a KCSO Deputy, but then said he was prank calling and had called the wrong number.

That same day Heath also called a female who had a restraining order out against him.

Detectives went to Heath’s house and conducted a parole search. They located drug paraphernalia.

Heath was arrested and booked for violation of a restraining order and possession of paraphernalia. His bail was set at $20,000. He was also held on a no-bail parole hold.


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