Suspect Fails To Outrun K9 Deputy To Avoid Arrest

Suspect Fails To Outrun K9 Deputy To Avoid Arrest
Photo: Jesse Gomez

The night of January 8th , 2021, a dark colored BMW traveling west on Lansing near 10 ½ Avenue close to the City of Corcoran caught the attention of a Kings County Deputy when it failed to stop at a Stop sign. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and as he did the BMW swerved into the opposing lane. Instead of pulling over, the driver of the BMW, later identified as 24-year old Jesse Gomez, accelerated, reaching speeds of 110 miles per hour.

The deputy pursued the fleeing suspect and during the chase observed the driver drift several times into the oncoming lane and turn off the BMW’s headlights. As Gomez reached Corcoran city limits, he was traveling at 130 mph and again driving on the wrong side of the road.

Kings County Dispatch alerted Corcoran Police of the chase. Corcoran Officers used spike strips to deflate the BMW’s tires but Gomez drove on, blowing through several more stop signs. The BMW stopped when he drove down a dirt driveway, onto a canal bank, and then into a dirt field.

Despite the car stopping, Gomez continued to delay his arrest. He exited the car but refused to yield to the deputies’ commands, at one point removing a dark colored object from under his shirt and raising it toward officials before suddenly running away. KCSO K9 Dash was deployed and though he continued to resist, K9 Dash and additional deputies were eventually able to handcuff him.

Due to the extensive injuries he acquired during his apprehension, Gomez was cited with a notice to appear and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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