“Aggressive agitator” detained and released

“Aggressive agitator” detained and released
Photo: “suspect” detained
Originally published as a Roseville CPD Facebook post – 
“This morning we had reports from police beat 3 about an aggressive agitator disturbing residents.
The reports even stated this agitator was chasing people as they were entering and exiting their homes.
One resident reported they weren’t able to leave for work because of the aggressive behavior.
Unfortunately our ACO’s were tied up on other calls so CSO Billey and Officer Strickland responded. They eventually made contact with the suspect, later identified as Miss Turkey.
They decided the best course of action was to temporarily detain Miss Turkey and relocate her to a more wooded area near another flock. This is not our normal response for turkey calls but we’re happy to report no residents (or turkeys) were injured during this incident.”
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