Durst, McClellan and Stults – thieves, not a law firm

Durst, McClellan and Stults – thieves, not a law firm
Photo: Durst, Clemons and Stults
Originally published as a City of Roseville CPD Facebook post – 
“On Saturday, October 31, 2020 a patrol officer was driving through the Sam’s Club parking lot off Pleasant Grove Blvd. He observed two males pushing a shopping cart away from the store. They caught his attention because they seemed rather animated and boisterous for having just left Sam’s Club.
He also noticed they had parked their vehicle in the furthest portion of the parking lot, far away from the entrance/exit of the store. He decided to investigate.
He initially ran the license plate to their associated vehicle. It came up with expired registration. As he approached the vehicle he noticed a pipe and a substance (later identified as heroin) on the center console of the vehicle.
The officer began to question the three individuals associated with the vehicle. They were identified as Joshua Durst (dob 06/14/1985) out of McClellan, Ashley Clemens (dob 02/16/1994) out of Fullerton, and Benjamin Stults (dob 05/24/1999) out of Fullerton.
A search of the vehicle uncovered a purse with identifying information for a different name from the three passengers. Officers also found over 90 gift cards and several pieces of newly purchased property. Feeling as if the property and gift cards could have been purchased fraudulently, the officer did some research on the information found in the purse. He determined the individual was a recent victim of a vehicle burglary.
Further evidence showed the three fraudulently used credit and membership cards to make purchases over $3000 at several stores across the region from South Sacramento to Citrus Heights to Roseville where they were ultimately caught.
The three were arrested and booked into the South Placer Jail on several charges including identity theft, conspiracy, possession of stolen property, grand theft, and other related charges.”
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