Troubled man surrenders gun and self

Troubled man surrenders gun and self
Photo: confiscated gun

Originally appeared on the San Diego Police Department Facebook page

“Sometimes, all people need is to make the right connection at the right time. Recently, our officers received a call about a man who was threatening to harm himself.

Thankfully, our officers and PERT (Psychiatric Evaluation Response Team) were able to get the man help. Our team found him in his car, started a conversation with him, and eventually convinced him to get out of his car safely.

A stolen gun was found under the driver’s seat and a loaded magazine nearby. PERT was on hand to provide support. 6 patrol officers, 2 K9’s, the police helicopter, & 3 sergeants responded to ensure the community’s safety.

We are grateful he is doing ok and that we were there during his time of need. #OneTeamOneMission”



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