Drunk Day Laborer Arrested Twice for Attacking Police Officers

Drunk Day Laborer Arrested Twice for Attacking Police Officers
Photo: Christopher Engl

SAN RAFAEL — A day laborer has been arrested twice this month for public intoxication and attacking police officers. The suspect is Christopher S. Engl, a 47-year-old denizen of San Rafael.

Engl was arrested on September 11 and subsequently released. He was arrested for a second attack on September 15. Engl presently remains in custody at Marin County Jail in lieu of $3,000 bond.

On September 11 at 8:52 p.m., an officer was attacked at the San Rafael Transit Center. Witnesses in the vicinity saw the suspect attacking the officer.

This is what Engl allegedly did during the first attack.  He approached a patrol car and threw an object that missed the car. Moments later, he began banging on the windows and yelling. Next, he opened the car door and began punching an officer.

The officer pushed him away and exited from the car. The two men struggled, but Engl was quickly pinned to the ground and arrested, before backup units arrived.

Four days later, officers at Albert Park were conducting a welfare check, when they encountered Engl. Here’s how Engl allegedly acted out during a second drunken attack on officers.

On September 15 at 4:19 p.m., paramedics and two officers contacted Engl, but determined medical attention was unnecessary. As officers were leaving, Engl began yelling and throwing objects at their patrol car. When officers turned to approach Engl again, he started throwing objects at them.

One officer was hit by an object but not injured, and an object narrowly missed hitting another officer. Engl remained uncooperative and took a fighting stance as they continued approaching him.

An officer drew a taser gun to warn Engl, who apparently attempted to grab the taser. In response, the officer tased Engl to subdue and arrest him.

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