Stolen red convertible Camaro easily spotted

Stolen red convertible Camaro easily spotted
Photo: Adam Brookwood

The Vacaville Police Department arrested a man as he drove in a stolen red Camaro with the top down –

“There’s an urban legend that red cars get pulled over more than others. While statistics haven’t shown it to be true, today our officers were looking for one flashy red car in particular.

Having received a report of a stolen red Camaro earlier this morning, our alert patrol officers found the car parked in the Safeway lot near Harbison Dr.

recovered red Camaro

Our hot summer days are ideal for driving convertibles with the top down. Fortunately for the owner of the stolen car, it’s also ideal for getting a good look at the driver.

Armed with a description of the suspect behind the wheel, officers quickly located Vacaville resident Adam Brookwood as he was loading additional suspected stolen merchandise into the Camaro. We stopped and detained Brookwood in a safe, coordinated effort to help prevent a vehicle pursuit or foot chase.

Brookwood was booked at the county jail on charges including vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, and violating the terms of his pre-existing probation.”



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